Department of Pedagogic

Head – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Miralizoda Abdusalom Mirali


Tel: 918 82 23 40


From 1993 to 2005, the Department of Pedagogy was headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor S. Kadyrov. During this time, teachers: Kh. Rakhimov, R.B. Gaysina, N. Nematov, S. Ragimova, M. Akhmedova, S. Mamadsaidova, A. Miraliev, S. Safarov worked at this Department.

From 2005 to 2012, the head of the Department was professor, candidate of pedagogical sciences A. Miraliev. During this time, the teachers of the Department L. Nazirova, M. Akhmedova and K. Khudoykulova defended their dissertations.

From 2012 to 2015, Professor K. Kadyrov was the head of the Department. During this time, the teachers of the Department N. Nematov and Z. Naimov defended their dissertations. From 2015 to 2021, the head of the Department was D.I.P. F. Sharipov.

The teachers of the Department teach various subjects, such as “Pedagogy”, “Fundamentals of pedagogical excellence”, “Medical Pedagogy”, “Penitentiary Pedagogy”, “Professional Pedagogy” and others.

Since January 1997, the subject of pedagogy has been taught at non-pedagogical faculties, such as economics, law, journalism, and geology. In 1996-2015, the topic of the day “Methods and methods for improving the efficiency of the educational process in institutions of higher and general secondary education” was raised within the Department. Since 2015, the actual topic of the day has been “Information education, intellectual and social development of modern people.” The research results of the Department are reflected in published books and tutorials. The scientific works of the Department are 2000 printed copies. In this work, the contribution of A. Miraliev, K. Kadyrov and F. Sharipov is very significant. During the years of independence, professors and teachers of the Department have developed and published 150 lists of monographs, manuals and curricula. The Department prepares scientific and pedagogical staff through their postgraduate studies. During this time, the Department has released more than 150 people who defended their dissertations. Every year, almost 50 students deliver speeches at cathedral meetings and student scientific conferences.