The economy and social sphere have the following structures:

Maintenance department (head of department Abduvohid A.), accounting division (chief accountant Khairulloev S.), supply department (head of department I. Karimov), safety and fire protection department (engineer Ibragimov I. ), works and building department (chief specialist Raikhanov R.), department for the purchase of goods, works and services (head Salimov J.), training facility”Ziddi” (head Yorov U.), sanatorium  “Zimchurud” (head Siddikov B.), joinery shop (head Yatimov Y.), transport department, (head Sharipov M. ), catering department (head Nazrulloev A.), sports ground “Istiklol” (director Khabibov Sh.), department of civil defense and emergency situations, medical center “SHIFO”, management of university dormitories, training bases Javoni and Takob.

List of halls of TNU

 TSO Hall of the TNU Student Town for 350 seats.

The large hall of the TNU main building for 310 seats.

Halls S-1 and S-4 for 600 (300 + 300) seats.

Small hall of the main building of TNU for 150 seats.

Conference room for dissertation councils

Faculty of Law – 2 rooms.

Faculty of Economics and Management – 1 hall.

Faculty of Finance and Economics – 1 hall.

Accounting and Economics Faculty – 1 hall.

Center for Information Technologies and Distance Learning – 2 halls

Faculty of Medicine – 1 hall

Faculty of Biology – 1 hall

Faculty of Geology – 1 hall