Department of Physical Education

Head – S. Boboev

Tel: 000-06-60-70

The Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Tajik National University began its activity in 1948 with a staff of 4 teachers. The first head of the Department was Flor Stepanovich Pavlyuk. In a short time, the staff of the department reached 36 people. They carried out research work on various topics of the development of physical culture and sports, laid the foundation for the current generation of the Tajik nation.

In 1976, a University Sports Club was established as part of the Department of Physical Education and a plan for its activities was developed. According to the plan, intra-university, city, republican, regional and international sports competitions are being held. According to a long tradition, the sports club annually organizes sports competitions among the faculties of the university and lays the foundation for finding new sports figures and preparing them for national and international competitions. Teachers and trainers of the Department provide quality services for the training of student athletes and contribute to the development of the sports industry in Tajikistan. The contribution of the head of the Department in 1980-1984 S.R. Valiev and an experienced teacher of the department Shtirkina M.V., in the preparation and participation of schoolchildren in the Olympiads, is very significant. The students trained by them in these years participated in Olympiads, won prizes and thereby raised the reputation of the university.

The Department was headed in different years by following persons- in 1984-1988 by T.G. Voskanyan, in 1988-1990 by Regulian V.F., in 1990-2000 by Kagramanov G.S..

From 2000 to 2008, the head of the Department of physical education was a candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Sodikov M.M. and during the years of his activity, he made a valuable contribution to the development of physical culture, the construction of sports grounds, the holding of sports events, including during the Navruz holiday.

After Sodikov M., during the year, acting head of the Department was Voskanyan T.G. After that, from 2009 to 2013, Boboev S.M. was the head of the Department. Today, teachers of the Department and coaches of the sports club conduct physical training in such sports as basketball, volleyball, football, freestyle wrestling, judo, wrestling, sambo, athletics, chess, etc. and the department prepares students for different levels of competition. In this regard, a number of students have earned the titles of champions of Asia and the world, which is a matter of pride for the University and the Republic of Tajikistan as a whole. With the support of the leadership of the University, today the progress of physical education and sports in the University is significant and the achievements are obvious. Thus, an international sports ground was built and put into operation, consisting of three parts: volleyball, basketball and mini-football halls.