Director – Alieva G.


The library has the following structure: Deputy Director of the library, Department of work with books, Department of information and catalogues, Department of book storage, subscription of humanities faculties.

Library branches are located in the following faculties: chemistry, economics, biology, geology, physics, mechanics and mathematics, on campus.

Library book collection:

General library fund as of 01.01.2020 is 1002515 book titles. During the year, the library included titles of published printed matter in the form of books, dissertations and publications.

– Published scientific materials – 310 titles, 1377 copies.

– Educational material – 91 titles, 3321 copies.

– Fiction – 2 titles, 90 copies.


Political and social literature – 44 titles, 563 copies.

In the state language – 79 titles, 4038 copies.

Educational materials in the state language – 27 titles, 2796 copies.

Methodological literature – 9 titles, 323 copies.

Foreign literature – 26 titles, 99 copies.

The number of readers and members of the library is 7234 people:

Students – 5888 people

Professorial and teaching staff – 887 people

Graduate students – 265 people

Masters – 25 people

University employees – 169 people

Over the past year, the library was visited by subscribers 92,840 times.

Readers were offered 67,866 titles of printed publications:

Books – 63316 copies.

Magazines – 4055 copies.

Newspapers – 495 copies.

Social work:

In 2013, TNU library staff organized 67 exhibitions, where 2029 printed publications were exhibited, which were visited by more than 500 people. Along with this, 58 presentations of new literature were held.

Working with library collections

At the moment, all printed publications of the TNU library collection are typed and provided to readers in electronic form. During the reporting period, 461 titles of printed publications were provided to readers according to the Irbis program, subprograms of the automated workplace “Complete” and automated workplace “Cataloguer”.