About TNU

Tajik National University is one of a leading centre in training qualified specialists for the different spheres of the national economy of the country and it belongs to the greatest classical institution of the higher professional education.

It was established by the Resolution of the Soviet of Ministries of the USSR 21st of March 1947, under № 643 and started its functioning from September the 1st 1948 in Dushanbe. The State University of Tajikistan named after V.I. Lenin from 1957 was renamed into State University of Tajikistan in 1992 and Tajik State National University in 1997.

Nowadays the Tajik National University consists of 19 faculties. Among the teaching staff there are some academicians, many professors, associate professors, senior lecturers. Some of them are members of the Academy of Sciences. The teachers deliver lectures, conduct seminars and practical classes. They publish a lot of articles, monographs and textbooks for students. The scientists of University carry out great research work..

There are some faculties in the University: pharmaceutical faculty, economic and finance, philological faculty, biology, geological, mathematics, law and jurisprudence and many other faculties. It has also the department where foreign students study. During the period of studies students study theoretical and special subjects. At the end of each year they have practice in different laboratories, enterprises. companies, firms. Ministries. Many students are members of scientific societies. They carry out researches, make reports. The results of their work often find practical application. Students take an active part in social life. There is a wide choice of amateur circles. Students participate in festive concerts, sing, dance and recite poems. There are many sport clubs where students go in for sports.