Department of Internship and Advanced Training

Head of the Department of Internship and Advanced Training – Mahmadizoda Faizali.

In 1953, with the creation of an educational Department in the structure of the Tajik National University, an internship Department began to operate as part of the educational department.

In 2006, the internship and alumni department changed its name to the internship and alumni department and continued to operate until 2008.

On December 9, 2008, in the new structure of the Tajik National University, the Department of Internships and Work with Young Specialists was created.

The University Council and the Department of Internships and Work with Young Specialists signed agreements on cooperation in the field of internships with 90 enterprises and departments, institutions and ministries of the country.

Along with the training grounds of the training base Zh.Zh. Buzrukov (Ziddi village, Varzob region), Takob training base (Ziddi village, Varzob region), Javani training camp (Romit valley, Vahdat region), in 2009-2013, the University has created the Educational and Experimental Center for Archeology and Ethnology of the Faculty of History (n. Farkhor), the Center for Biotechnology, the Educational and Production Laboratory for the Processing of Decorative Stones near the Technopark, the Geomatics Laboratory of the Department of Geology and Subsoil Use and Technology of the Faculty of Geology, the Educational Studio for Television and Radio of the Faculty of Journalism and Educational Center for Combating Human Trafficking at the Faculty of Law.

Students, regardless of the system and form of education at TNU, undergo internships in 4 areas:

• educational;

• pedagogical;

• production;

• undergraduate

Another area of activity of the Department of internships and work with young specialists is to ensure the employment of full-time graduates who graduated from the budgetary groups of the University at the expense of the state budget.

On July 2, 2009, the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 391 was signed in the direction of employment of graduates of budgetary groups. The Board of the Tajik National University annually, on the basis of an approved decision, organizes the distribution and employment of graduates of budgetary groups by specialty.


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