Department of Theory of Economics

Head – A. Komilov, associate professor

The Department is focused on research and study of modern processes of economic development and the most important problems of economic theory and the national economy. The high level of activity of the Department in different years was supported by Professor R. Yusufbekov, H. Azamkulov, M. Mamednazarbekov, L. Saidmuradov, I. Davlatov, B. Isomatov, T. Usmanova, D. Kadyrov, D. Kandierova, F. Obidov, D. Gulmirzoev, associate professor M. Khudoev, R. Mirbobaev, B. Shukurov, K. Rizoev, M. Mirzosharifov, K. Odinaev, M. Saidmuradova, Sh. Kadyrov, O. Ragimov, D. Fozilkhanov, I. Khorkashev and others. Doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, assistants, graduate students and applicants are currently working at the Department. It should be noted that over 5 years, more than 20 people have defended doctoral and candidate dissertations.

The contribution of the Department of Economic Theory of the University to the study of various issues of the development of the economy of the republic and the mechanism of economic integration relations is very significant.