Department of Registration and Statistics

The program “Educational Process” is a product of the work of the programmers of the Center and is used to automate the educational process. Employees of the Department of Registration and Statistics of the Center regulate and control the contingent of study groups, curricula, lesson schedules, registration of students in individual subjects of the academic semester, preparation of credit and examination sheets, registration of teachers on lesson schedules and other operations in the program “Educational Process”. With the help of the program, information processing was carried out for credit and examination sessions of the first semester and the second semester at full-time, part-time and distance departments, both in the traditional education system and in the credit system of education by the employees of the Department of Registration and Statistics and the Distance Learning Department of the Center. The program includes an electronic journal where teachers record the results of student assessments on a weekly basis. The result of the 16-week student points is considered the result of the 1 and 2 points ranking, which is automatically calculated in the program. The session information is processed at a high level, and the results of each round of tests and exams are entered into the program. Reports on student learning outcomes for each round of the session are provided to the University administration, education department and relevant departments.

On the servers of the Center and the website of the University, a bank of test questionnaires for the subjects studied has been assembled. At the beginning of each semester of study, banks of questions are sent to the specialized departments of the University for editing, revision and additions, and thus, they are fully prepared for exams.