Department of military training

Head – Qurbonzoda Dilshod Jabor



Address:    Khusrav Dehlavi Str., Dushanbe

The Department of Military Training of the Tajik National University is considered one of the most important educational structures of the university.

The Military Department of the Tajik National University was founded in accordance with the decree of the former Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 177-58 of March 15, 1965 and the order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR No. 024 of 08/04/1965.

Facilities of the Military Department have all educational equipment and consists of 15 classrooms, ground of rowing, technical park and laboratory.

There are posters in the state language in the classrooms, as well as layouts in two and electronic boards in four other classrooms.

In the Department of Military Training, three reserve officers with the military rank of senior officer work as teachers.

At the Department of Military Training, reserve officers are trained in four specialties:

1. «Platoon commander of cavalry riflemen in armored vehicles (APC)», ИБҲ 021002;

2. «Radio platoon leader»: ИБҲ – 121203;

3. «Chemical Defense Platoon Leader»: ИБҲ – 111000;

4. «Military Interpreter»: ИБҲ – 390400

Currently, the leadership of the University has created all conditions at the Military Department to ensure the level and quality of education and training of cadets at the required level.

After graduation, young people can voluntarily join the National Army and faithfully serve the people and the Motherland.