The delegation of the Tajik National University, led by the head of the educational department Qosimzoda Soleh, is on an official visit to China. This trip took place within the framework of the relevant bilateral agreement signed during the visit of the rector of the university, Professor Khushvakhtzoda Qobiljon Khushvakht to China.

Currently, the university delegation is in Jinan, Shandong Province and has visited a number of universities, including Qilu Normal University. During the visit to the Qilu Normal University, the delegation got acquainted with the history, educational programs, activities and achievements of this educational institution.

It was noted that both universities were founded in 1948 and have equal educational opportunities in training specialists.

As a result of the meeting, the parties agreed to prepare a draft Memorandum of Understanding between the Tajik National University and the Qilu Pedagogical University.