On Monday 30 October, Mr. Jamil Ahmad, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs UNEP New York and head of the Intergovernmental Affairs and leads work on sustainable development and the environment in support of the organization’s policies and programme paid a working visit to the Tajik National University (TNU) and met with the university staff and student’s.

The guests, university staff and students were welcomed by the Rector of TNU, Professor Q.Kh. Khushvakhtzoda.

Rector noted that one of the main international problems to which the Republic of Tajikistan has drawn the attention of the world community is the rapid melting of glaciers. It is worth noting that glaciers are the main source of drinking water on our planet and the most significant source of water for irrigated agriculture and hydroelectricity production.

“World practice has proven that in the process of solving existing environmental problems it is impossible to achieve the goal of environmental stability of just one individual country. Meanwhile, in order to avoid environmental problems, it became necessary to carry out proactive work together with all countries of the region and the whole world,” it was noted at the meeting.

Mr. Jamil Ahmad made a report on the topic of environmental protection and noted that climate change, as well as an unprecedented increase in the average temperature of the planet Earth and the negative impact of humans on nature in recent years can lead to very negative consequences, in particular the rapid melting of glaciers.