Tajik National University jointly with other universities of the country, i.e. Tajik Technical University named after M. Osimi, Tajik State Pedagogical University named after S. Ainy, Tajik State University of Finance and Economics and Tajik State Medical University named after Avicenna, hold a meeting with the representatives of the World Bank and discussed issues of cooperation between higher and professional educational institutions of Tajikistan with the World Bank. The title of the meeting was “Development of higher education in Tajikistan” and parties also considered the future cooperation, and the financing of higher professional education institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan by the World Bank for the purpose of development of the Quality of Education.

This meeting was held within the framework of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of cooperation between the Republic of Tajikistan and the World Bank in Tajikistan. At the meeting, the representative of the World Bank, Rita Almeida, the Head of the Education Sector of the World Bank, considered the current issues and defined plans for the future cooperation at a highest level.

The meeting was attended by the First Vice Rector of the Tajik National University Mr. Sobirzoda N.M., Vice Rector for educational affairs Mr. Avzalov A.Kh., Head of the Project Management Sector and Mr. Saidzoda H., Doctor of philology, professor of the English language department of the Tajik National University.

During the meeting, Honorable Sobirzoda N.M. regarding the features of the implementation of the project “Improving the educational process, expanding opportunities and providing jobs for graduates”, noted that this project was partially implemented in order to increase the strength of the teaching staff and students. The material and technical base of the Tajik National University has been improved. At the same time, structural units of educational, scientific-practical character were formed, new standards of educational programs were developed and put into use.

Mr. Sobirzoda N.M. made the following suggestions on future cooperation, in particular:

Improving the quality of education and training: attracting highly qualified teachers to work in universities, providing them with continuous training and professional development, using modern teaching methods and technologies. Developing STEM Education.

Support of students: creating conditions for living and studying, organizing events for the development of social and cultural life of students, providing scholarships and other forms of material support.Integration with the international educational community:participation in international projects and programs, exchange of students and teachers, recruitment of foreign students.

Increasing access to education: organizing online courses and distance learning, creating conditions for the education of the disabled.

Social responsibility: participation in projects and social programs aimed at solving social problems, supporting poor students and socially vulnerable groups, and other issues related to the positive development of higher educational institutions of the country.

Development of entrepreneurial culture: creation of conditions for the development of entrepreneurial activity of students, organization of start-up incubators and business accelerators, conducting trainings and skill classes on entrepreneurship.

This meeting gave Rita Almeida an opportunity to get an impression of the country’s universities and also provided her with information on their capacity and needs, which will be useful when considering another possible regional project of higher education with the participation of Tajikistan.