Learning English: on the Path to a Successful Future: C5+O.N.E. (Opening Networks through English) Project


“The love of learning languages raises us in our own eyes, and in the eyes of others makes us deeper and purer,”-  said Sadriddin Aini, the founder of modern Tajik literature.
Do you love English as much as we do? In January 2024, an unprecedented initiative was launched in Tajikistan, organized by the Tajik National University (TNU) as part of the “C5+ONE” program. This program aims to enhance the linguistic competence of TNU teachers, improving their spoken and written English proficiency, as well as their skills in maintaining business documentation and using specialized terminology. Let’s delve into the specifics of the program and its stages of implementation at TNU.
The C5+ONE program, funded by the US Department of State’s Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, provides English language and communication skills training for entry-level and mid-level energy and environmental professionals in all five Central Asian countries. Participants are taught by highly qualified instructors using modern methodologies and a comprehensive curriculum that includes English for specific purposes and project-based learning. During the nine-month program (180 hours), participants also engage in activities that expand their professional networks and practical knowledge. The goal is to graduate over 1,000 specialists by December 2024.
The program is structured into three trimesters and divided into groups. The first group began their courses in June 2023 and will finish in April 2024. The second group starts in the second trimester and ends in August. The final group will begin in January 2024 and graduate in December 2024, completing this phase of the project. Successful graduates will have the opportunity to participate in international conferences in the fall and winter of 2024.
Additional benefits for successful completion of the program include:
– improved English proficiency as confirmed by the Kaplan International Tools (KITE) exam;
– invitation to the national conference;
– graduation certificate;
– status as Graduates of US Government Programs;
– strengthening of international relations;
– expanded opportunities for representing Central Asia internationally;
– grant writing workshops.
We are pleased to invite you to participate in the C5+ONE program. This program offers a unique opportunity for young energy and environmental professionals from Central Asia, providing 180 hours of free English language training and regional career development and networking opportunities. It is supported by the U.S. Department of State and administered by the American Councils for International Education and the U.S. Embassy.
At the start of this program, a centralized exam was conducted to form groups based on the language proficiency levels determined for each participant. Faculty members from TNU, the National Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, and other institutions have successfully completed the first trimester, passing the intermediate testing. Two more trimesters remain, spanning from January to November 2024.
We would like to share feedback from the program participants. Chorshanbiev Sadriddin Radzhabovich, a senior lecturer at the Department of National Economics and Economic Security at TNU, enrolled in the A2 level program, says: “This is not my first English course, but I find these courses very interesting. Our respected teacher, Gulizor Mastibekovna, explains everything clearly and engagingly. The teaching methods are very effective. It’s great that we have many opportunities for conversation during the course. Special thanks to the organizers and administrators.”
Sadykov Kurbomad Amakievich, Head of the Department of Management and Marketing at TNU, also enrolled in the A2 level program, believes that the program not only enhances the linguistic competence of teachers but also improves their skills in professional English communication at a managerial level. “For a department head leading a team of scientists, proficiency in professional English is especially important.”
We would like to highlight the high level of professional qualifications of the course instructors, particularly Gulizor Mastibekovna Akramkhonova. Her unique combination of professional and personal qualities creates an engaging and effective learning environment for all students.
In conclusion, we thank all the initiators and organizers of this program for providing the opportunity to expand our linguistic and sociocultural horizons, as learning languages is the key to a successful future for anyone.

Team of TNU students C5+O.N.E. program:
– Orinina L.V., Head of the Sector for Work with Foreign Partners and Academic Mobility, International Department of TNU, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor,
– Sadykov K. A., Head of the Department of Management and Marketing of TNU, Ph.D., Associate Professor,
– Chorshanbiev S. R., student in the A2 level program, senior lecturer at the Department of National Economics and Economic Security of TNU,
– Usmonova N.K., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Periodicals, TNU,
– Akdodov D.M., Head of the Department of General Physics, Faculty of Physics, TNU, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor.